Traditionally, universities have been recognized as the primary institutions for imparting higher education, enabling students to cultivate extensive and intricate knowledge in foundational and advanced subjects. However, recent concerns have been raised regarding the skills required for knowledge acquisition and comprehension in the context of developing economies. This has led to questioning the adequacy of education provided to students and their preparedness for successful careers. Our directorate aims to bridge this gap by encouraging faculty members to engage in various problem-solving research initiatives and generate innovative ideas that will enhance their expertise.

These research endeavors and inventions will not only establish faculty members as leaders in their respective fields but also provide them with the opportunity to train, prepare student and creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Our approach emphasizes the integration of teaching, research, discovery and enabling the seamless development of the next generation of scholars. Through this intergenerational progression, research, invention and discovery will continue to advance while perpetuating a cycle of knowledge and growth. Generally, we simplify research relationships between faculty members and government departments, private companies, industrial associations and international agencies.

Specifically, through our three units of Research, Innovations, and Community Engagement, we aim to:

• Foster and coordinate sustainable research and innovation.

• Facilitate research collaboration within and beyond the University.

• Provide policy advice to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs on matters related to research, community engagement, and innovations.

• Support staff in developing research proposals that are eligible for funding through seminars and workshops.

• Coordinate multidisciplinary research teams to undertake large-scale fundable projects.

• Identify funding opportunities and disseminate relevant funding information to interested faculty members.

• Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the university's research policy and agenda.

• Enforce research ethics policies to ensure ethical conduct.

• Coordinate and keep the data base of all community engagement activities by the University students and staff

• Pitch innovative ideas for sustainable socio-economic development in the Great lakes region and beyond

• Facilitate enabling environment for research, innovation and community engagement in consultation with the university top management

• Oversee and coordinate all publications of the university, including journals, learning materials, textbooks, and other scholarly works.


Message From the Director

Welcome to the Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Community Engagement DRICE). We extend our warm greetings and assure you that our directorate is dedicated to serving both you and the wider community with the utmost integrity and dignity. Our directorate houses the university's intellectual hub, where research, discoveries, synthesis, creativity, and knowledge transfer thrive for the betterment of our communities.

For further information, please feel free to visit our Directorate Office or explore our university's website. Our office is located on the 2nd floor of the Academic Block, specifically in Rooms F 5 & 6

Sr. Prof. Lekule